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Baadal - RAD Framework for Developing Web Apps in .Net

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Build Business Applications in Minutes.

With Baadal, Developing Business Application is simple. Baadal is a Business Application Development Environment that develops applications (Including Source Code) considering an entire Software life – cycle of business application. Baadal is a powerful Business Application Development Tool, which saves development time and helps you to increase your profits. Baadal builds visually stunning, complete business applications that are ready to deploy. Since Baadal generates 100% editable code, you have the liberty to modify it. This can be used to manage, develop and deploy enterprise grade end-to-end business applications.

Once you develop business model as a database, Baadal can help you to generate ready to use application. Simply point to an existing database and let Baadal generates visually appealing, feature-rich ASP.Net application that is easy to use and ready to deploy.

  • Build Quick high-performance, cost-effective applications easily.
  • Accelerate Development – develop applications faster than your competing companies.
  • Reduce development costs – Development, Testing, Building Installation & Documentation.
  • Develop application with smaller team to avoid a communication gap and Improved Quality.
  • Maintenance of application becomes simple as you need to look into only manually coded portion of the application.