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The School Fee Manager can be installed in the same way as any other standard windows application. Download, Install and Register the School Fee Manager Application from our website Installation & Registration are explained in Detail in other videos.

After registration, create a New File and enter Masters Details.

Create Masters

Masters are used for storing various master details. The Masters can be accessed from the My School menu.

Create School Master

Enter the details of your school in School Master.

To do this, click School Masters menu and enter details of your school - School Name, Address, Pincode, Email, Telephone, Website and Fax No. Select Place after updating Place Master. Enter State and Country. Insert your School Logo. Click Save to save the details.

Create Standard Master

Enter Details of different Classes in the school in Standard Master and Save the details.

Create Section Master

Enter details of the different Sections of the classes in Section Master and Save the details.

Create Fee Type Master

There are different Fee Types like Yearly Fees, Monthly Fees, One-time Payments etc. The same can be updated in Fee Type Master.

Enter Fee type and Save the details.

Create Item Master

Enter Fee Items in Item Master.

Select Fee Type as Yearly or Monthly and accordingly enter the Fee Item Name, Unit and Price and Save the details.

Create Payment Mode Master

Fee Payment can be made in different modes like Cash, DD, Cheques or Bank Transfer. Accordingly, enter details of accepted modes of Payment in Payment Mode Master.

Enter Payment Mode and Save the details.

Create Student Master

Enter Student details in Student Master.

Student Master contains details of all students enrolled in different Standards and Sections of the School.

Click Student Master and in the Window that opens, Enter UID No, Name, Academic Year, Reg. No, Address. Select Place and enter Pin code. Enter Parent details. Enter Other Details - Select Standard and Section and enter Email, Phone Number, Join Date. Update the Student's photo in Image and Save the Details.

The details of the transaction can be recorded by clicking on Add in Details section. Select an item from Head Of Account drop down, enter an Amount, enter Remarks if necessary and then click Save.

Fee Payment

Now that the masters are updated, the Fee Payment recording process is very simple. First Fee Entry has to be made for each student. Then as and when the payments are made, the Payment records are updated.

Fee Payments are made in Fee Details Menu.

Fee Entry

Before beginning to record Fee Payments, make Fee entries for each student.

Click Fee Entry in Fee Details Menu.

In the Window that opens, Select Fee Type, and Student Name and enter Fee Date.

Next, enter the Fee Item Details - click Add, and then enter Item Name, Units, Price and Quantity. Click Update to update the details and then click Save.

You can see the Fee entry details in the grids.

Fee Payment

Once Fee details are saved, Payments can be recorded through Payment Entry menu.

To record Payments, Click Payment Entry in Fee Details menu.

Enter Payment Date and select Student Name. Click Add to see Pending Fee details for the selected Student

In the Pending Fees window, you can see the Unpaid Fees. Check the box for the fee that is being paid, and click Add.

The row gets added to the Fee Details grid. Now, enter the Paying Amount.

Select the Payment Mode. Enter Remarks if any, and Save the Payment details.

You can see the details of the Payments made in the Payment details grid.

To print the Fee Receipt, click Print.

The Fee Receipt is obtained as follows

To see outstanding Fees for a student, Select Student Name from the drop down and click Student History.

You can see the Fee Details, Payment Details and Outstanding Details in the respective tabs.

Bulk Fee Entry

If Fee entries are to be made repeatedly at regular intervals for the same set of students, then, Bulk Fee entry option is very useful.

To make Bulk Fee entries, click Bulk Fee Entry in Fee Details menu.

In the Window that opens, Select Criteria for Bulk Fee Entry and click List. Then click Bulk Fee button.

Select the Reference Fee Id and then select the Students through check box. Click Save to Complete the Bulk Fee Entry.


You can generate different types of Search Reports like Fee Search, Payment Search and Outstanding Search.

Fee Search Report

Fee Search is useful if you want to see the student list for a category of fees. To obtain a Fee Search Report, Click Fee Search in Search Reports.

In the Window that opens, Select Fee Type and Item Name and click List.

The Search Report is seen in the Grid.

Payment Search Report

The report of Fee Payments made can be obtained in Payment Search.

To obtain a Payment Search Report, Click Payment Search in Search Reports.

In the Window that opens, Select Fee Type and Payment Criteria and then click List.

Outstanding Search Report

The report of Outstanding Fee Payments made can be obtained in Outstanding Search.

To obtain an Outstanding Search Report, Click Outstanding Search in Search Reports.

In the Window that opens, Select Fee Type, Student Name or any other criteria and click List.

All the above search reports can be exported to an Excel File using Export Button.