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School Manager Software - Manage Petty Cash

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In School Manager’s Petty Cash Module, you can keep track of the Petty Cash Account transactions in your School. You can enter Receipts and record Expenses under various Account Heads.

To manage a petty cash account, first Receipts should be entered and then Expenses should be added.

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Enter Receipts

To update receipts of the amounts received for a given Petty Cash Account, click Receipt from Petty Cash menu.

In the Window, that opens, enter the details. Select the Academic Year and Receiver and enter Date , Amount and Remarks if any, and click Save.

You can search for Receipts by clicking the Search button.

In the window that opens, specify search criteria and click List.

Click Export button to export the searched results to an editable excel file.

Enter Expense Vouchers

Create Expense details by clicking on Expense Details from Petty Cash menu.

In the Window that appears, enter details -

Select Academic Year, Date,Employee Name, Narration and Receiver.

The details of the transaction can be recorded by clicking on Add in Sub Expenses section. Select an item from Account Head drop-down, enter an Amount, enter Remarks if necessary and then click Update.

When u finish adding all the expenses, click Save to save the Expense Voucher.

To print Expense Voucher, Click on Print.