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School Manager Software - Employee Master

Erachana Line

Employee in School Manager refers to the teaching staff. These Teachers may be assigned classes and teach subjects.

To add Employee, In HR menu, Click Employee Entry.

Enter Employee Information

In the Employee Entry Window, enter employee information like Employee Name, Gender, Birth Date and Joining Date. If the employee is currently working in the school, check the Is Active checkbox. If the employee is not working in the school, or once the employee leaves the school, you can uncheck the check box and enter Left Date.

Enter PAN, PF and ESI numbers. Enter Passport Number and Passport Dates. Select Blood group.

To add employee’s photo, click Browse and select the image file.

Enter Local Address, Select Place and Area and enter PIN Code. If the Permanent Address is same as the Local address, check the Same check box.

Enter Mobile numbers, Email Ids and Website. Click Save to save employee details.

Enter Employee Contacts

To enter Contact, click Contact Person button.

In the window that opens, enter Contact Person details like Name, Address, Phone numbers, Email Ids, etc. Select Place and add Photo if available by clicking Browse button. Click Save.

Enter Employee’s Bank Account Information

Click Bank A/C Details button and enter details of the Account like Account Number, Account type , Bank Name, Bank Address, Place, IFSC Code, Branch and MICR number.

Click Save.

Lastly click Save in the Employee Master window to Save Employee details.