Purchase Order Management Software with Work Flow

Purchase Order Management Software with Work Flow

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Order Raising Software is a centralised Purchase Order Requisition System, which includes Indenting, Vendor Selection, Budget Allocation, Purchase Approval Routing with Email Notifications, User Role Controls, Purchase Requisition and more.

Indenting, Vendor Selection, Budget Allocation, Purchase Approval in purchase order raising software

Purchase Order Raising Software is a comprehensive solution for managing the complete purchase order process in an organised way.

One of the important operations crucial for running your business successfully is purchasing raw materials, services etc. The Procurement Process is an inseparable part of most modern-day businesses.

In any organisation, there is a need for procurement of supplies or materials and equipment, like office supplies, capital goods, consumables, software or services like maintenance, and consultations. These procurement operations are carried out by departments systematically. In a situation where the managers are allowed to directly procure the materials from suppliers, there is a likelihood of fraud. To prevent this, procurement is handled by following a proper streamlined and transparent process. If there is a proper procurement process in place, less anomalies happen and business organisations get value for their money.

During Procurement, there may be a series of activities like

✓ Identifying vendors for supply of materials or services
✓ Getting valid quotations from various vendors and selecting the best deal
✓ Raising requests for new items or adding new vendors
✓ Tracking budgets and procuring within the budgets
✓ Indent Creation for Work Orders, Purchases, AMC or Capex
✓ Approval Requests, Rejection and Cancellation of Indents, Vendors or Item Requests

In your organisation, you may have your own procurement process, with similar activities like mentioned above. Using this systematic procurement process, goods and services are not directly ordered, but an indent has to be created for purchases, containing information about items required, vendors who are available to supply them, terms and conditions, item prices and more. This indent goes through an approval process at various levels, giving the company internal control over the purchase requisition process.

When Procurement is done with the help of software, it becomes very systematic, complete control can be obtained over the process, where there is proper scrutiny and transparency and business interests are protected.

Advantages of having Purchase Order Raising Software

Centralised Purchase Order Process

✓ Initiates Indenting Process

Using the simple Purchase Order Software, departments can, from time to time, raise indents for the materials or services that they require. The Purchase Department will be acting based on the supporting documents, which will serve as evidence.

✓ Control over Purchase Process

With formal requests for materials, it is ensured that no fraud happens, and management can track the process end to end. The request passes through series of approvals and is well scrutinised before the Purchase Order is actually issued.

✓ Business Interests are Protected

When indents go through proper scrutiny, there is no unnecessary expenditure happening. Due to availability of comparative information from different vendors, Proper value for money is obtained since vendors cannot over charge for the items.

✓ Centralised Purchase Order Process

It is easy to manage the Order raising process since indents, vendors, and budget information is centrally managed. With timely notifications through emails and status updates, the procurement process can be quickly carried out, enhancing the organisation's efficiency.

How You can automate your Purchase Order Process with ERachana's Order Raising Software

Automate your Purchase Order Process

Purchase Order Raising Software User Management

User Management

For managing Purchase Order activities at various levels

Purchase Order Raising Software, Quotation Validity Extension Details

Email Communication

To notify users about indent progress and status

Purchase Order Raising software Email Communication

Track Requests

For New Vendors, Items, Rates or Budgets, Quotation Validity Extension details

Purchase Order Raising Software Approval Routing

Approval Routing

Systematic Approval Routing at various user levels, with status updates & remarks

Purchase Order Raising Software Indent Creation

Indent Creation

Create Different types of indents like Work Order, Purchase, AMC or CAPEX

Purchase Order Raising Software, Create Work Order, Purchase, AMC or CAPEX


Get timely alerts for Expiry of AMC Date, Item Rate or Budget

Purchase Order Raising Software, Handy Reports for analysis of Budget

MIS Reports

Handy Reports for analysis of Budget, Item, Vendor or other information

Our Purchase Order Raising Software has a user-friendly interface and efficient functionality to streamline your purchase process. With a systematic approval routing workflow, it gives a clear indication of who approves what, and prevents unnecessary spending. Since the process is very systematic, a clear demarcation is done for different purchases, whether it is a Work Order, Material Purchase, AMC or CAPEX Indent. With Timely alerts for date and rate expires, this is the most efficient solution. This P2P software makes managing company spending straightforward, transparent and more accessible than ever.

Whatever type your business is, our indent management system provides a solution for small businesses as well as large. Streamline your material indenting process by our most easy to use indenting software and get p2p automation.

So what are you waiting for! Get the free to download Purchase Order Raising Software from ERachana Technologies now!

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You can Purchase Order Raising Software, a solution for automating your entire indenting process. If you have some specific requirements that need to be added to the software, we will provide a solution for you.

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