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Dhruval.in - Database Application Store on Cloud for all

Erachana Line

Database Application Store on Cloud for all.

Dhruval.in is a digital distribution service, including set of business applications operated and developed by ERachana. It serves as the official Database App Store for the businesses which can use cloud based applications. Most of the applications hosted in dhruval.in are developed with the Baadal SDK and published as applications in Dhruval.in. Dhruval.in also serves as a DataCenter for businesses to use all applications from Dhruval.in for your business needs.

Applications available through dhruval.in are mostly free of charge and for some of the applications there is a cost attached, based on its usage. All the applications are hosted on the cloud and you can easily register and start using the application. You can also add set of users for using a specific application, for example if ERP application is created in Dhruval.in all other office staff can be added to the same application to use the application with appropriate rights.

Dhruval.in launched by Erachana on November 1st 2016, bringing together many commonly used applications for business needs like Customer Management, Accounting, Payroll, ERP, Attendance Mangement, Personal data Management. All these applications are operating under the ERachana banner. Dhruval.in is expected to have millions of users in the days to come.