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Project Details Manager is an effective project management tool for scheduling & managing projects smartly by tracking project status, resource utilization and recording expenses.

Project Details Manager

As your business expands, you will be handling more and more projects and then you find a need to manage your projects smoothly, with all information accessible when needed. You will then create a Project Management System to suit your immediate needs, adding new methods as and when they are required. Often you may be using a tool like Excel, the primary choice for Project Details Management because you are familiar with it, and not because it is one of the best solutions for Project Management. But as more and more Project Data pours in, you may be struggling with multiple excel sheets carrying a huge amount of Project Data

Common Project Management Issues with Manual or Spreadsheet Based Project Management Systems

Projects managed using paper or spreadsheets can suffer from several issues. Here are four of the most common issues reported:

• Increasing Number of Spreadsheets with new requirements
• Loss of Data without a streamlined Data Management, Details are lost in multiple files.
• Difficulty in Time Tracking of Project Tasks
• The same information is entered multiple times in various spreadsheets or project files
• Hard to evaluate the overall status of the company due to lack of proper analytical reports

Common Misconceptions related to using Software for Project Management

Many people find it an additional hurdle to use a software for project management, stating various reasons for the same. Some of them being

• Cannot afford the expense of a software for Project Management
• Already use enough tools like Excel, which our staff already know to use
• No time to learn or train staff with another software
• A Lot of time will be spent in entering data into the software

Although these reasons may sound sensible, the benefits that the Project Management Software provide definitely outweigh the cons. Project management software keeps your business organised, helps you allocate resources and form a project team, analyse the team workload, capture costs and the reports help you analyse productivity and profitability.

Why should you use Project Management Software for your Business?

There is a Lack of visibility because the different stages of your project management system are not integrated, resulting in evaluating the overall status of your Business.

Getting details like What Assignments should be completed this week? Which Projects are more Profitable? Who are the most efficient Employees? Are the Employees available for working on new Assignments? These questions are tough to answer when there is an absence of a proper analytical tool. Even if you have regular meetings to discuss Project Status, it is the lack of immediate information that hurts, and you begin to feel the need for a faster reporting system, that will answer your queries in seconds.

The solution for all this is an efficient Online Project Details Management System. Whether you need a desktop or online project management solution, we have it for you.

At ERachana, we have successfully provided Systematic Technological Solution in Project Management for many Organisations. These Businesses are now able to track their Projects from anywhere, and an efficient system is in place.

How Does the Project Management Solution by ERachana Technologies help your Business?

We have good experience in creating versatile Project Management Systems for many Businesses and simplified their Project Management with Online as well as Offline Solution. Our solutions cater to the needs of diverse categories of businesses, like Engineering Consultant Firms, to Home Automation Company, or Software Development Company. Whatever type of business yours is, we can provide a tailor-made Project Management Solution to make your work easier and improve productivity, and help you keep team members informed, engaged and accountable.

Centralised Project Management

Access Everything Related to Projects in one Platform

Industry Specific Solution

Get Project Management Solution to suit your industry

Accessible Anywhere

Log in Anytime to check the Projects Progress

Cost Analysis

Capture all Project Costs and analyse profitability

Team & Task Allotment

Get Project Management Solution to suit your industry

Email Communication

Collaborate with team and get timely notifications

Some of the features of our Project Management Solutions

Easy to use

We give utmost care for user friendliness while designing software. It would relate so well to your work process that with brief training, employees can use the system with less confusion or hesitation.

Industry Specific Solution

We can design an industry-specific project management solution for your business, with project components to suit your business. We have successfully provided solutions to some of the companies like Home Automation Firm, or Engineering Consultant Company.

Manage All your Projects from one Application

We provide a comprehensive solution to manage all project tasks. Our Project Details Management Application is a simple, yet effective tool that manages everything related to your projects, whether it is Project Details, Resource and Task assignment, Task Completions, Target Dates, Follow-Ups, Technical Details, Email Communication, Reminders, Orders, and Receipts and more. Using software, you can get started quickly and execute projects with better team coordination. You can keep everything together, if you need to look anything up, it is right there in the Application, and not buried inside any file or spreadsheet. And the best part is you can access your information from anywhere.

Project Team Creation, Task and Assignment Allotment

One of the important features provided by the Project Management Solution is the creation of Project Team by adding Team members to the Project. Once the Team is created, you can add Project Tasks and assign Team Members with specific tasks.

Time Tracking

Where ever you are, you can know what each Team Member is doing, and how much work is done in every Project. Online Project Details Manager can help you get instant, clear visibility into all your team’s work, and see how the project is progressing.

Complete Tasks Within the Deadline

For you to help Complete Tasks in time, Timely Reminders can be shown for Project Task Completions, so you can Plan Ahead, set priorities and never miss deadlines.

Capture All Costs

Track everything from the hourly cost of employees to amounts spent on on-site visits, billing and payments. Everything can be entered and stored in one easy-to-use system.

Work from On-site Location

If your staff often work in the field or in clients’ offices, they can still log into the system and update their project details. This saves time because they don’t have to do it once they’re back in the office.

Add Attachments

You can store everything relating to an assignment online – bills, receipts, proposals, quotations, images, documents, contracts and emails. If you need to check anything, find it mapped with the project.

Email Communication

When you need to communicate with team members, allot them tasks, share files with them or when you need to be alerted with project orders, task completion, and more, the email intimation can be sent by the respective user from within the system.

Gain visibility in your business cost

Efficient MIS Reports give you a picture of the answer to many questions like “Which type of work brings in the most profit?”, “Have you lost money on a particular Task?”, “Which clients haven’t paid their invoices?”. With an online system, you can quickly and easily run reports on your data, to get an immediate snapshot of your projects – and your business.

Stay connected

No matter where you are in the world, you can log in at any time to track projects, check up on your team performance and stay in the loop. You can have complete control of your projects, along with following your business promotion commitments.

Training and User Manuals

We can provide user manuals and training, and you can get functional to manage projects just within a few hours of setting up the project management software. You can refer the handy user manuals any time, when in doubt. According to your requirement, we will provide an online or offline user manual or both.

Online or Offline Solution

Based on your need and affordability, you can choose from an online project management tool to offline project details manager. We customise the software to suit your requirements and get a solution that will work best for your business.

Desktop Project Management Solution

The Desktop Project Details Management Software is suitable for you if you need to manage projects in your office when the teams do not work on on-site projects. It is also suitable when few people enter project related tasks and are in the same location. A client-server or file-based solution is suitable for small businesses. This solution does not require an internet connection and you can track your projects smartly. Multiple users can work collaboratively. You can upload files too. Whatever you need to track, budgets, costs, or project stage completion, we have the solution for you. Not only that, with the efficient user management, you can send emails regarding project activities from within the software.

Whatever type of business yours is, we have the project management solution for you.

With this desktop solution, you can plan project schedules easily. You can create Project Teams and allocate tasks to team members. Team members can update project assignments or Work Done.

Web Based Project Management Solution

Web Based Project Management Software is suitable for your business if you need to track all projects online. The web-based solution gives you more accurate information, since updates about project related tasks are immediately reflected in the system, and you can track them from anywhere. With the email communication feature, you can always be connected with your team. The web-based solution provides more visibility, and everyone knows what everyone else is doing, team is more productive. You can work at your convenience, from your desired location, and in mobile phone too. You can start working sooner, since there are no installations to be done, you just need a browser. Get information that you need, at your fingertips, from anywhere and boost your business productivity.

How we at ERachana Technologies will help you get a Project Management Solution?

Give us your work process and leave it to us to design a suitable project management solution for your business. All you need to do is sit with us for some time and help us write down your entire work process. We will help you with the particular areas that cause bottlenecks. We will help you automate your tasks with an online or offline project management solution for your company. Remember, Project Management is not difficult.

If implemented properly, you should see significant changes in your system. With the right software solution, whatever project tasks you have, it can streamline almost every aspect of the project management process, and save you a lot of money too If you incorporate it into your existing workflow, you can significantly reduce the time you spend duplicating data or transferring information from one system to another. Most important of all, the online software gives you the ability to manage your projects at any time – wherever you happen to be.

How to Reach Us?

Just give us a call or fix an appointment. Let us meet to create a solution that works best for your business. You can send us an email about your requirement at info@erachana.net and request a quote. You can also call us at numbers in

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