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Release Notes

Erachana Line

 Version 4.0 New Release     16/10/2018

1. Maintain TDS Deduction and Payment details.

2. Link Transactions to Challans for easy tracking.

3. Strengthen CRM via personalized E-mail and SMS communication.

4. Customize Printing to suit your requirements.

5. Barcode reading & Thermal printing to facilitate faster billings

6. Link transactions to Bank entries to reduce hassles of reconciliation.

7. Maintain Stock records and access Reports at various levels.

8. Minor bug fixes.

 Version 3.25 New Release     2/7/2018

1. Changes implemented by government in E-Way bill has been implemented.

2. Search option for items in Transactions.

3. Remarks in Item Master.

4. Precision upto 4 digits for Item Rate.

5. Search and Populate Items in Item Master.

6. Outstanding and Voucher reports modified.

7. Issues are resolved and minor product improvements are done.

 Version 3.1 Released     19/4/2018

1. Revised “3B Report” as per new Government rule.

2. Additional Print Name is provided in Party Master, to help print different name (other than party name) in the Invoice/other transaction.

3. Issues are resolved and minor product improvements are done.

 Version 3 Released     5/4/2018

1. Integration with Tally

  • Ledger’s and Transaction data is exported to Tally with ease.
  • 2. Accounting features have been provided.

  • Group and Ledger master configuration.
  • Generation of ‘Journal voucher’ and ‘Contra Voucher’.
  • ‘Trial Balance’, ‘Balance sheet’ and ‘Profit and Loss’ report generation.
  • 3. Issues are resolved and minor product improvements are done.

     Version 2.5.1 Released     10/3/2018

    1. Issues are resolved and minor product improvements are done.

     Version 2.5 Released      22/2/2018

    1. Provision to generate ‘Quarterly Returns’.

    2. PDF option is provided for Outstanding Report Export.

    3. ‘Validation’ facility is provided for E-Way Bill (To check for errors before generating E-Way Bill).

    4. Link to upload E-Way Bill is provided in ‘E-Way Bill Export’ screen .

    5. GST returns rules specific validation has been handled in ‘Item Master’ and ‘Party Master’.

    6. In ‘Party History’ screen option is provided to create New Transactions .

    7. ‘Copy’ option has been provided in ‘Company’ and ‘Company Account Details’.

    8. In ‘About US’ screen application Version number is displayed to help the user know which version of application is running in the system.

    9. Some Look and Feel Improvements are done to make it more user friendly.

    10. Issues are resolved and minor product improvements are done.

     Version 2.4 Released      1/2/2018

    1. Provision to enter E-Way Bill details

    2. Issues are resolved andproduct improvements are done.

     Version 2.3 Released      20/1/2018

    1. Link is provided in ‘Company’ and ‘Party Master’screento check GSTIN Number in Government website.

    2. ‘Past Transactions’facility is provided to record business transactions made prior to using “GSTBilling software” and pre-GST period

    2.1. Invoice

    2.2. Credit Note

    2.3. Debit Note

    2.4. Receipt/Payment

    3. Search option in ‘Past Transactions’

    4. Excel Import of Past Transaction is also provided to ease out the data entry.

    5. Edit ‘Party Details’ option has been provided in all transactions.

    6. Search form for Advance Receipt/Advance Payment, Refund Voucher andDelivery Challan.

    7. Shipping Details can now be capturedin Delivery Challan

    8. ‘Validation’ facility is provided for Returns before generating Reports, to check for errors.

    9. Customer/ Supplier’s detailed Financial Transaction Report is provided.

    10. Issues are resolved andproduct improvements are done.

     Version 2.2 Released      30/12/2017

    1. Issues are resolved and minor product improvements are done.

     Version 2.1 Released      4/12/2017

    1. Sales Order Processing

    1.1. Quotation.

    1.2. Order Confirmation.

    1.3. Proforma Invoice.

    2. Purchase Order Processing.

    3. Transaction Conversion Screen

    ✔ Converting from one transaction to another transaction.

    • ✔ Example:

    1. From Quotation to Order Confirmation.

    2. From Order Confirmation to Invoice.

    4. To view Transaction, “View Transaction” button has been provided.

    5. “Conversion History” to check the conversion log.

    6. Search button “S” to search any transactions.

    7. To search Party Name easily Search by Mobile “M” button has been provided.

    8. Issues are resolved and minor product improvements are done.

     Version 2 Released      13/11/2017

    1. Generation of GSTR1 File (Excel and JSON) - Sales/ Outward Transaction details.

    2. Generation of GSTR2 File (Excel and JSON) - Purchase/ Inward Transaction details.

    (Excel file can be imported in GST Offline Utility, JSON File can be uploaded directly in GST Portal or can be imported into GST offline utility).

    3. Item Category has been changed from “Others” to “Taxable”.

    4. Minor Enhancement

    4.1 Auto creation of month.

    4.2 Switch Month in Invoice.

    4.3 Button caption changes for Items - Add, Update & Delete.

    5 Issues are resolved and minor product improvements are done.

     Version Released      30/10/2017

    1. Print option is provided for Advance Receipt, Advance Payment, Sales Refund Voucher, Purchase Refund Voucher.

    2. Issues are resolved and minor product improvements are done.

     Version Released      12/10/2017

    1. Import/Export option is provided for Item Master.

    2. In Invoice Report - GST IN Number, Item quantity, Item tax details, etc, are introduced to help the customer take detailed report.

    3. Attachment option is provided in all Transactions (attach any type of file respective to the transaction).

    4. Advance Payment and Advance Payment Refund option provided.

    5. Party Master is enhanced with Quick Links for transaction, Party History and Party Account Details.

    6. To help in Tax Calculation, Tax Calculator is provided

    7. Print option is provided for Delivery Challan, Credit Note, Debit Note, Receipt and Payment

    8. To hold Company Account Details, Company Account Master is provided

    9. Issues are resolved and minor product improvements are done.

     Version Released      12/9/2017

    1. Round off Settings: Round off Setting for Tax computation given

    2. Calculation Settings: Calculation Settings Given for Custom requirements

    3. User Interface Improved Reverse Calculator (Inclusive Amount)

    4. Simple Discount Calculator: A Simple Discount % Calculator is introduced

    5. ITC: Input Tax Credit entry in Purchase is Introduced

    6. Improvements in GSTR-3B – GST 3B output is provided with More Fields

    7. Settings for Printout – Additional Field Provided in Printing

    8. Bug fix: All the bugs reported till Release 6 Fixed

     Version Released      4/8/ 2017

    1. GSTR - 3B Form generation: Facility to Generate 3B is introduced

    2. Category wise calculation (Depends on Customer GST Category) – Calculation of Taxes depending on Customer GST Category Introduced

     Version Released      1/8/2017

    1. Debit Note and Credit Note – Facility to Create Debit Note / Credit Note is Introduced

    2. Refund Voucher - Facility to Create Refund Voucher Introduced

    3. Bug fix: All the bugs reported till Release 4 Fixed

     Version Released      27/7/2017

    1. Improvements in Customized Invoice: Additional Features were provided as per customer requirement as improvements for Custom invoice

    2. GSTR-1: GSTR -1 Export Facility Included

    3. All the bugs reported till Release 3 Fixed

     Version Released      20/7/2017

    1. Outstanding Report: Outstanding Report depending on Bills & Payments

    2. Customized Excel Reports – Facility to print Invoice in Excel. You can customise your Invoice in Excel

    3. Bug Fix: All the bugs reported until release 2 are fixed

    4. UI – User Interface is improved

     Version Released      13/7/2017

    1. Customize Invoice print: Additional Window allows you to configure your Invoice

    2. Basic Reports – Basic MIS Reports like Billing Summary, Purchase Summary depending on Search

    3. Customer Statistics: Feature to count customers depending on Customer Category

    4. Online Help Videos: Online Help / Video Released

    5. Bug fix: All the bugs logged in relation to Release 1 are fixed

     Version Released      30/6/2017

    1. Item Master
    2. Party Master
    3. Billing Utility
    4. Credit Note for Sales / Purchase
    5. Debit Note for Sales / Purchase and debit notes
    6. Invoices that fall under aggregate/ exempt categories
    7. Comprehensive place of supply rules
    8. Reverse charges
    9. Handle TDS and TCS declarations
    10. Imports and exports
    11. Auto-populate customer/ vendor details based on Party Master
    12. And many more features