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An Effective tool to quickly and easily compose periodical Newsletters and share your Milestones

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Newsletter Composer is an effective tool to quickly and easily compose periodical newsletters and share your milestones. Whether you need to market your products or spread a word on your happening activities, ERachana’s Newsletter Composer is just the right software for you.

In today’s digital world, sharing a newsletter is an effective way to promote your accomplishments or market your product in addition to other marketing strategies. This is needed to make your presence felt in your circles.

In ERachana’s News Letter Composer, you can quickly create a campaign by selecting desired subscribers, adding or editing content blocks, images, links etc., and also monitor the performance of your strategies with reports. The newsletter designing process is simple and fits right into your marketing strategy. You can easily update your web presence through statistics like the number of Facebook likes or Google reviews.

Just spare a few minutes and look at the online video and help content and quickly learn to compose your own newsletter.

It is very easy to share your newsletter, whether you prefer to do so in digital media or in print. Just attach it to emails or embed it in your website or even share the link to social networking sites.

So if you are looking for a fast and easy way to spread the word of your accomplishments, then ERachana’s News Letter Composer is the right tool for you.

How does ERachana's Newsletter Composer work?

The foundation of a great business is maintaining an updated list of your Business Relations that is customers, vendors, friends, employees etc. So, first, create a Subscriber Database containing their basic contact details, Relation to your business and Place they belong. Next, add your Firm’s Projects and Products (Basically all the milestones), as and when they occur. Update the related webpages and statistics in social media and record the subsequent digital activity periodically. Now, these details can be used to easily generate a Report and Compose your Company Newsletter and be used in email campaigns or periodical communication.

You can introduce clients to your company with a welcome email, get repeat customers by sharing product recommendations, re-engage lapsed customers, convey festival and seasons wishes, and more. No matter what type of business you operate, it’s easy to set up the perfect automation for any situation.


The Newsletter Composer can be installed in the same way as any other standard windows application. Download, Install and Register the Newsletter Composer Application from our website www.erachana.net. Installation & Registration is explained in detail in other videos.

After registration, create a New File and enter Masters Details.

Create Masters

Masters are used for storing various master details. The Masters can be accessed from the Masters menu.

Create and store list of people who handle a particular party. When newsletters are generarated, respective members can send specific newsletter emails to their contacts.

To do this, in Masters menu, click Handled By. Enter the Person’s Name and Designation and Save the details.

Using the Newsletter Composer, you can easily maintain your Party list by classifying them into categories like customers, employees, associates, vendors, friends etc. This can be achieved by entering details of party’s relationship with your firm in Relation Master.

To do this, in Masters menu, click Relation Master. Enter Relation types and Save them

The Subscribers may be from different places. Update Place Master to store the Place details of your Subscribers.

Click Place Master in Masters menu. You can enter Place details here and Save them.

If your subscribers are from many different places, then, you can also use the handy Import Data feature in Place Master. Create a list of places in excel template and then import it using Import Data button.

Managing Customer details with their Place will always help to send newsletters those who are region-centric.

Next, update types of products that your Business deals within Product Master and months in Month Master .

Click Product Master in Masters menu. Enter Product type details and Save them.

Lastly, update the different digital activity types in Digital Activity Master.

Click Digital Activity Master from Masters menu. Enter types of Digital Activities and Save them.

Update the Subscriber Database.

Click Party menu and then click Subscribers.

Enter Subscriber Details as shown –

Enter Subscriber Name, and Relation to your business by selecting the Relation in the drop-down. Then enter other details of the subscriber like Phone numbers, Email Ids , Website, Place etc. Select Handled By .
Then Save the Subscriber’s details to update the Subscriber Database.

Update your Business’s Milestones

You can update the Project and Product Details of your Business in Activity Details Menu.

To add Project Details,

Click Project Details in Activity Details menu.

Enter Project details – Project Name, Category, And Release Date.

Enter Project Link and check if it is active through Check button.

Enter the name of the Customer’s Company for whom the project was done, Project Description and Remarks.

Add Application’s Logo and Customer Company Logo.

Click Save to save the Project details.

To add Product Details,

Click Product details in Activity Details menu.

Enter Product details – App Name, App Category, and Release Date.

Enter Product Description, Link, and Remarks. Add the Application’s Logo.

Click Save to save Product Details.

Next, add Product Customer Details,

Enter Customer’s Name, Company, Purchase Date, Remarks and add Customer’s Logo.

Click Update to update the Customer Details.

You can see the list of Products and Customers in grids provided.

Update Digital Activity

Update digital activity details as and when they occur. These details will be consolidated and reflected in your newsletter easily.

In Activity Details menu, select Digital Activity Details.

Select the Digital Activity like Facebook likes or Google reviews and then select the month. Enter Count and Remarks if any and save the details.

Generate Monthly Reports

Here you can see your Company’s achievements in a particular month by selecting the Month and generating Report.

To generate Reports, Click Report in Activity Details menu.

Select the Month and click Generate Report.

The Report can be customised and sent to your clients according to your desired styles.

Create Email List

You can create an email list of subscribers by using the Email Many button. You can filter the Subscribers as per your desired criteria and then email to the subscribers.

You can categorize Subscribers according to the Handled By person, Place or Relation with the Business.

In Subscribers, click Email Many.

Select a suitable Email Template and then apply a filter by choosing suitable criteria.

Your Email list is now ready. You can now send Emails.

Before sending Email, the Email Server Settings and Email Settings should be configured through the Email menu.

Once these things are updated, your email content appears according to the template and you can Send the Email.

Also, if the Subscriber does not wish to receive any emails, then, this can be done by using the Unsubscribe option in Subscribers window.

In this way, you can keep building your valuable relationship with people associated with your Business and be in touch with them on regular basis.

“Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.”
– Bill Bernbach

Release Notes

ERachana Technologies

Release 1 on 16 th October 2017 version

1. Allows users to add Multiple Subscribers
2. Allows users to add Multiple Projects and Products
3. Email Multiple Subscribers at once