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How to use ERachana's Lead Manager application?

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ERachana’s Lead Manager Application can be installed in the same way as any other standard windows application. Download, Install and Register theLead Manager Application from our website www.erachana.net. Installation & Registration are explained in Detail in other videos.

After registration, create a New File and enter Masters Details.

Create Masters

Masters are used for storing various master details. The Masters can be accessed from the Masters menu.

Create Country, State and Place Master

Place Master is used to store the names of places where Customers are located.

To add Place to Place Entry, first, you need to add country in Country Entry.

Then add the States in that country in State Entry.

After this, you can add the Place in Place Entry. Select Place Entry in Masters.

In the window that opens, select the State, enter Place name and click Save.

Enter Employee in Followed By

In Followed By in Masters, add members who will be following up the Leads.

To do this, in Masters menu, click Followed By.

In the window that opens, enter the Member Name and Save the details.

Enter the means of Follow-up Communication in Activity Type

Follow-ups to Leads can be done by different modern means of communication like phone calls, emails, SMS or meetings. These types of activities can be added in Activity Type Master.

To add Activity Type, in Masters menu, select Activity Type.

In the window that opens, enter the name of the activity like Call, Email, SMS, Meeting, etc in Activity Type. Click Save.

Enter the Lead Sources in Source

Lead source is the primary source by which a lead found your website, product or service. Various possible lead sources could be Website Registration, Product Download, Reference etc.

To add lead sources, in Masters menu, select Source.

In the window that opens, enter Source Name. Click Save.

Enter status of activities in Activity Status

The lead follow-up status can result in ‘Pending’ or ‘Completed’. You can also add any other status you may need to use.

To add Activity Status, in Masters, select Activity Status.

In the window that opens, enter the Activity Status name and click Save.

Enter statuses of Lead follow-ups in Lead Status

The possible status of Leads, when being followed up or after, can be added in Lead Status. Various possible Lead Statuses could be Being Followed up, Not Interested, Customer, or Closed.

To add Lead Status, in Masters, select Lead Status.

In the window that opens, enter Lead Status Name and click Save.

Enter reasons for closed follow-ups in No Follow up

You can add reasons for closed leads in Not Interested. Tracking the possible reasons could help your company improve products and convert these into interested customers.

To add reasons for closed follow-ups, in Masters, select No Follow up.

In the window that opens, enter Status and click Save.

Update Lead Contact Information

After all masters are updated, Contact Information about Leads can be updated, and lead follow ups can be done easily using this information.

To update Lead Contact Information, in Lead Details menu, select Lead Entry.

In the window that opens, enter the Lead contact information. EnterLead Name, Company name,Address, Profession,Email Ids and Phone Numbers.

Select Source, enter Registration Date and check the checkbox ‘Is Interested in Dealership?’, if the Lead is interested in Dealership.

Select the Lead Status as ‘Being Followed up’.

If the lead status is ‘Not Interested’ or ‘ Closed’, select reason in No Follow Up.

Next, add the Products which the Lead is interested. To do so, click Add Interested Products button.

In the window that opens, select the Product Name. To add products, click triple dot button. In the window that opens, enter Product Name and click Save. The product added can be seen in the product list.

If any Product or Service Quotation is sent, you can check the check box ‘Quotation Sent’ and enter the corresponding date in Quotation Sent Date.

You can also attach any files by clicking the triple dot button next to File Path text box and selecting the file.

Click Save to save the details.

Lead Follow-ups

Once all Lead contact details are updated in Lead Entry window, Lead follow ups can be easily done and follow up history can be easily tracked.

Update Follow-ups

To update Lead follow-up details, in Lead Details menu, select Lead Entry. In the window that opens, select the Lead contact that you want to follow up, from the grid.

In Follow-up details section, click Add button.

Enter Follow up Date, select Activity Type and Activity Status.

For further follow ups, enter the Next Follow-up Date, select Next Activity Type and Next Activity Status. Select Followed By. In Remarks field, you can enter any notable discussion summary. Click Update and click Save.


In Lead Manager Application, you can see the follow-ups to be done on a particular day in notifications.

To see current day’s follow ups, in Lead Details menu, select Notifications.

In the window that opens, you can see the notifications of follow-ups to be done for the day.

Follow up Search

You can easily track follow ups to be done for a day, or by a person, using Search.

To Search follow up, click Search button.

In the window that opens, select the Follow up Date,Registration Date, Activity Type orStatus, Product,Lead Name or Followed By. Click List.

The follow ups to be done, or already done will be seen in the grid. These results can be exported to an editable excel file.