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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a multi-module and multi-user application that integrates the important parts of your business, like Customer and Vendor Management, Accounting, Invoicing, Inventory, Purchases, Sales, Payroll, CRM, Email and SMS, TDS, Leave Management, Expense Management, Customer Support,Travel Expenses, MIS Reports and more.

Centralize your Business Process and Streamline Workflow with ERP

Are you facing any of these common problems faced by businesses?
✔ Using multiple software tools to manage different business processes
✔ Generating Reports from Multiple Tools
✔ Searching for a unique solution to suit all your business needs
✔ Still entering Data in numerous spreadsheets, and finding it tough to access them

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Then we have the right solution for you.

What you need is a Customised ERP, a single solution software to run your entire business

ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, is a comprehensive enterprise application designed to integrate the major functionalities of an organization's business processes into a centralized system. Businesses can use ERP to manage various process smoothly. From Sales to Marketing, from Finance to HR, our ERP software provides a solution to everything your company needs, under one integrated software suite.

Why will you need an ERP Software?

If you are one of those people assuming that ERP software is not for you, then you are grossly mistaken. If you are tracking your business details with the help of spreadsheets or using multiple software, like one for accounting, another for inventory, and yet another one for billing, then you are at a major disadvantage. You will be wasting a lot of time in managing these software and also engaging dedicated personnel in the process. The major problem comes when you actually need information and you will be digging for it in different applications or spreadsheets, and not able to generate quick reports.

ERP Solution from ERachana offers the following Advantages

Analysis Reports

Obtain Consolidated Reports to help in Decision Making

Improved Flexibility

Select Modules suitable to your business, or get a customised ERP solution

Easy Communication

Quick Communication with stakeholders by Email or SMS from the application modules

Centralized Control

ERP centralizes information from all business processes and different departments in a single application

Streamline Workflow

Bring All Business Processes under one platform and streamline workflow

No Multiple Data Entry

No need to enter data into multiple software, since one application suite can automate all work processes

What you can do with ERachana’s ERP Solution?

ERachana is offering ERP as a unique and comprehensive solution for all your business needs. With our ERP Package, you can get

Better Management

Our ERP solution offers numerous Masters and Modules to for better management of your business operations in multiple domains.We provide multiple modules for simplifying business processes, like Invoicing, Payroll, Leave Management, CRM, Travel Expense Management and more. ERP monitors the allocation and use of resources from a comprehensive database management system with built in analytics. Supporting applications enable businesses to track information across departments.


ERachana’s ERP Solution gives you a series of integrated features to suit business processes.You can select from any of these tools to connect your business processes, automate sales, communicate with people, collaborate and more. You can enable the selected features that you want and make your business operations smoother. If you have any business process which is not yet provided with the ERP, you can discuss with us and we will provide a tailor-made solution for you.


Centralized Process Management and Integration of data across the enterprise ensures that you have greater visibility in all areas of your business, from daily operations like Invoicing, Accounting, Inventory Leave Management or Expense Management to periodic activities like Payroll, and Strategic MIS Reports.Insight into Production, Inventory and Financial Data makes it easy to identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements.
Our ERP Solution brings together all the activities of the organisation. Using a single database and a common software infrastructure provide a better understanding and updated information to allow you to make better decisions on the entire stream of business operations.

MIS Reports

With the help of these reports, you can get data from various areas of your business. You can use these reports as an analysis tool to evaluate your periodic business activities, solve problems that arise, take decisions and track the progress of business tasks. You can build custom reports, both summarised or detailed, by choosing your own criteria, and export the details to excel too.

Some of the Operations that you can manage in our ERP

Party Master

The Customer & Supplier Database to store Party Details, with GSTIN, GST Categories and Quick links, & Complete Party History

GST Compliant Invoicing

Customised Invoices (Sales &Purchases ) with Numbering, Terms & Conditions, & Invoice Print Details

Invoicing Transactions

Debit & Credit Notes, Advances & Refunds, Quotation, Proforma, Receipts & Payments


Customer or Vendor Details Based on Operations selected

Business Calculators

Handy Tax Calculator, Reverse Price Calculator & Discount Calculator for Invoice Price Calculations

Delivery Challans

Create GST Ready Delivery Challans (for the supply of approval, the supply of liquid gas and other), for trouble-free goods transfer.


With Multiple Location Support and Reports, automatically integrated with the billing system.

Petty Cash

Track Petty Cash Transactions, Print Vouchers, and Generate Various Reports

Email & SMS

Send Quotations, Invoices, Purchase Orders etc., & SMS for easy communication

Excel Export

Easy Excel Export for Reports; Excel Import available for Item Master & Party Master

Interactive Reports

Generate Item-wise, Party-wise or Periodic reports with Excel Export


TDS and TCS Deductions to ensure Tax Compliance

Input Tax Credit

Add ITC for Purchases transactions, automatic ITC computation, details are reflected in GST Returns

GST Returns

Generate GST R1, R2 and 3B; Validate, Generate JSON to upload on GST Portal


Add any number of File Attachments with all Invoice Transactions


Manage Accounting, and Generate Financial Statements

Tally Export

Easily Export all your transaction data in GST Billing to Tally

Track Expenses

Set Reminders for Regular Monthly Expense Payments

Link Bank Transactions

Track monetary transactions, Get quick Bank Reconciliation

Leave Management

To manage Salaries Efficiently, for smooth Payroll Process


Track Payroll right from hiring to retirement, compliant with statutory obligations

Outstanding Follow up

Track the current outstanding and Follow up with Emails and SMS

EMI Based Sales

Generate Payment Schedule, Track Outstanding Payments with Reminders & Follow up


The solution for Business Communication &Follow-ups, Track AMC & Customer Support

Travel Expense

Manage Travel Expenses integrated with Accounting, Payroll and Linked to Bank Transactions for Reconciliation.

Accounts Payable

Maintain Accounts Payable, track outstanding payments with Timely Payment Reminders

E-Way Bill

Easily Generate E-Way Bill for Inter and Intra State Goods Movement.


Set reminders for Payments, Outstanding Follow up & Support Tasks

We address your specific business requirements using our Base ERP Product.

To know more about ERP Software, or any of our other software, please visit our website www.erachana.net

Help and Support

No need to wait for long dialling support calls. We give online support on Direct Support number and in addition, Our software comes with online help and videos that make understanding the software very easy. You can also leave us a message on our website or email us, we will get back in minutes. Don’t hesitate to call us if you require a free software demo, we can make it work right on your office desk.