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Bug Tracker is a simple and cost-effective bug tracking tool that helps to track bugs in software applications in an organised way.

Bug Tracker

Bug Tracker is a simple and cost-effective bug tracking tool to track bugs in Software applications by ERachana Technologies. With Bug Tracker, the task of bug reporting becomes more systematic with all issues in place and you can concentrate in delivering bug free, quality products to customers.

Using Bug Tracker, you can track the bugs or issues in software applications. The bugs can be reported according to tested date, the application module in reference, to the concerned developer. Also, you can add attachments like screen shots or data files that support the issue raised along with the bug. Testers and developers can filter bugs by status, user and application and get insights on progress with reports.

Bug Tracker provides Project-wise, Form-wise, and Reported person-wise bugs filter. You can export bug report to an editable excel file. Hence you can use ERachana’s Bug Tracker tool for all your software application Bug Tracking needs and develop bug free products to your customers. Bug tracker can be used effectively for developing Mobile / Desktop / Web application development teams.


  • • Simple to understand and cost effective
  • • Allows Project wise and Module wise bug reporting
  • • Allows to add attachments along with bug report
  • • Allows excel export of Bug Reports

How to use ERachana's Bug Tracker Application?


ERachana’s Bug Tracker Application can be installed in the same way as any other standard windows application. Download, Install and Register the Bug Tracker Application from our website www.erachana.net. Installation & Registration are explained in Detail in other videos.

After registration, create a New File and enter Masters Details.

Create Masters

Masters are used for storing various master details. The Masters can be accessed from the Masters menu.

Enter Employee Details in Employee Master

In Employee Master , add Team Member and their details. These Team Members may be testers who test the applications or developers who develop software products.

To add employee, in Masters menu, click Employee Master.

In the window that opens, enter the Team Member’s name and Designation and Save the details.

Enter Projects in Project Master

The names of different Software Projects are entered in Project Master in Masters menu.

To enter Projects, in Masters menu, click Project details.

In the window that opens, enter Project Name and click Save.

Enter Modules in Module Master

The Project has different modules or forms in which there may be bugs or issues that have to be tracked.

To enter Project Modules, in Masters, click Module Master.

In the window that opens, select Project name and enter Module Name. Click Save to save the details.

Report Project Bugs

Once the Project and Project Modules are added to Masters, bugs or issues in Projects can be reported.

To report Bugs, in Bug Report menu, click Bug Report.

In the window that opens, Select the Project and Module and enter the Form Name.

Enter the Instance path. Select Raised By and Report To. In Remarks, enter the issue details. Select Final Status.

In the File Path, you can attach any file supporting the issue by clicking Browse and selecting the file. For Example, If you want to attach a screen shot of specific window you can attach the image against a specific bug.

Click Save.

Once the bug is resolved, enter Closed Date and update Final Status.


Various useful reports are available in Bug Tracker to keep track Project-wise Bugs.

You can track bugs by projects, project modules, reported person, date reported, or bug status.

To generate the required Bug Report, click Search in Bug Report Window.

In the window that opens, select Project, Module, Reported Date, Status , Reported By, or any other search criteria and click List.

You can click Export button to export the report to an editable excel file.

Release Notes

Version - New Release 26/2/2018

1. Allows Project wise and Module wise Bug Tracking

2. Allows to add attachments along with Bug report

3. Allows excel export of Bug Reports