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Free Excel to Print Cheques for Business & Personal Use

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Cheque Printing Excel is a simple tool by ERachana Technologies to print Cheques of Any Banks, and of Any Dimensions very easily.

Cheque printing excel

Manual cheque entry has become an outdated process. The Cheque writing process becomes very tedious and time consuming when multiple cheques are to be prepared on a daily basis.

ERachana has come out with a simple excel file to simplify this. Just enter the Payee Name, Date and Amount and you can easily print cheques. Also, if you need to print multiple cheques, you can easily do this by selecting the From and To cheque numbers and print all the cheques within the range.

With this very simple excel based cheque printing solution, you can easily print cheques of any bank within minutes. No complicated installation procedures are required. Simply download the excel sheet from our website and start using the same.

This excel can be used for printing on Blank cheques for both Business and Personal Purposes. You must modify the Excel Template within the Excel Sheet to suit to your bank’s Cheque Leaf Dimension.

If you are looking for a complete cheque management utility, we have a complete solution for that also. In Cheque printing software you can manage the details of each cheque issued.


  • • Simple and Easy Excel based Tool
  • • Can be used to print Any Bank Cheques
  • • Can be used to print cheques of Any Dimension by making simple column adjustments
  • • Easily print Multiple Cheques
  • • Free Utility

How to use Cheque Printing Excel?

You can download the excel sheet and start using it directly without any installation.

Download Excel Sheet from www.erachana.net site. When you open the Excel File, you will get a security warning, Click on Enable Content and enable the work Sheet.

Print Cheques

You need to enter Cheque details such as Pay to, Date of Payment and Amount. You can enter up to 100 such details if you want to print multiple cheques.

If you are printing a cheque occasionally, you can just enter only one cheque detail. If you have entered multiple details and if you want specific cheque to be printed, say cheque detail with Serial Number 3 then you can select Serial Number 3 from drop down in Cell A1 and you can see that the respective details get updated in print area.

You can click on Print button to see the Preview and print your cheque.

In case your cheque dimensions are different and if you want to adjust the print position, simply drag the column or row and adjust it as per your requirement.

Print Multiple Cheques at once

If you want to print multiple cheques say Serial Number 1 to Serial Number 20 then mention From and To numbers in Row 15 and 16 and then click on Print Many.

Note that by default, Excel Sheet has Date Printing Option as D D M M Y Y Y Y – If your bank cheque expects only Y Y then you can simply hide initial 2 Y Y columns

Cheque Printing Excel Release Notes

Version New Release 14/11/2017

a) Allows users to Print on Any Bank Cheques of Any Dimensions

b) Allows users to Print Multiple Cheques