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Dhruval Furniture

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This application integrates all the departments of furniture industry. Customer and Vendor Management, Production, Sales, Stock-management and Inventory with manufacture process flow. This makes it easy for users to integrate manufacturing, sales, stock management and distribution processes with back-office accounting.

The main theme of the Dhruval furniture is to maintain the manufacture/production of furniture in a company preferred way. This application captures all of your business information in a single, scalable system Automate and accelerates your end-to-end business processes. It helps you to get up and running even faster and reduces your on-going operational costs, so that you can dedicate more time on running your business.



  • CRM Management.
  • Generates ERP Quotation and Purchase order process.
  • Generate professional, customized and traceable invoices.
  • Accounting with drill-down capabilities.
  • BOM Controlling.
  • Material and Stock Management.
  • Fast and summarized production of reports.
  • Flexible business processes are configured across systems.
  • Better supply-chain management.
  • Complete tracking and traceability throughout the supply chain.
  • Multiuser and safe data transfer.
  • Import/Export wizards.

Dhruval Furniture application is developed for furniture manufacturing industries/business. Other manufacturing industries also use this application to improve their productivity and business.

This application maintains a master data in software that can be created centrally. It gives a role based access controls and supports end to end manufacturing cycle management from campaigns, orders, potentials, quotes, invoices. Gives the Product Catalog, which organizes all of your products for simplified searching based on product attributes. You can customize it to meet their unique business needs, such as specifying the level of detail to track.