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Kushal - RAD Framework for Developing Desktop Apps in C#

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Build Business Applications in Minutes.

Kushal makes Business Application Development extremely simple. Kushal considers the entire Software life-cycle of a business application while developing Business Applications (the source code is also made available for fine-tuning the application). Kushal helps companies become more profitable as it is a powerful Business Application Development Tool that saves developers lot of time. Kushal builds visually stunning, complete business applications that are ready to deploy. Since Kushal generates 100% editable code, you have the liberty to modify it. This can be used to manage, develop and deploy enterprise grade end-to-end business applications.

Kushal enables business domain experts to easily build professional-quality applications with very little need for manual coding if at all. Once you develop business model as a database, Kushal can help you to generate ready to use applications. Simply point to an existing database and let Kushal generate visually appealing, feature-rich .Net applications that are easy to use and ready to deploy.

  • Build Quick and high-performance, cost-effective applications easily.
  • Accelerate Development – develop applications faster than your competitors.
  • Reduce development costs – Development, Testing & Building Installation all three are addressed.
  • Develop application with smaller team to avoid a communication gap and Improved Quality.
  • Maintenance of application becomes simple as you need to look into only manually coded portion of the application.

Kushal generates complete database applications without manual coding.


You have to follow 10 Simple steps for developing application in Kushal:
  1. Connect database to Project: Having a database ready is most essential prerequisite to build application in Kushal. You can either create a database in a regular method or you can design the database in Excel Template defined by Kushal and Kushal can create required database. Kushal supports 4 popular databases – SQLite, MS Access, MY SQL, MSSQL.
  2. Create Forms for Each Table or Combination of Tables: Once the database is connected you can define data entry forms for each of the tables or a combination of tables. Form generated depending on table. Table will have controls for each field of the databases, you can configure each of these controls and build strong validations. Generated form will have code for common data from commands like – New, Save, Delete. Kushal also includes special controls like – “Open file dialogue” or “Email Link” so it is just configuring controls on the form to get required working forms.
  3. Include Business Logic: Kushal comes with strong Expression builder using which most of the events related to controls can be configured as Properties and Business logic related code will be generated during output. SQL statements play main role while building application and Kushal allows you to visually create queries from your database.
  4. Create Additional Forms: Create search, report Forms in addition to data entry forms by using Kushal’s feature rich form types. Grid Properties can be configured to greater extent which enables you to add any other data display forms like dashboard. Building Search Forms are also easy as Kushal list most popular Search Criteria possibilities for each of the database fields.
  5. Import available Data: Include rich importing feature within your application by just selecting and configuring their behaviour while developing application. Kushal Creates Excel Templates to help end user to import data quickly to applications built using Kushal.
  6. Include Report: Kushal Includes feature rich reporting tool called Vippe. This reporting tool is absolutely free and you can use it for .Net application even without purchasing Kushal.
  7. Design Menu and Assign Respective Form: Kushal includes flexible Menu Definition tool. Once you are done with creating required forms, Create Menu structure and assign respective forms each of the menu items.
  8. Standard Product: When you develop application in Kushal Output will be standard Product as you can choose most widely used essential features of any product Like - Daily Tip, Multiple File Management Capabilities, User Management, Work Flow, Software Security, Version Control, Backup and Restore.
  9. Configure calling External Applications: In addition to all this if your application requires calling an external application, it can be done by passing related dynamic parameters from within Kushal.
  10. Build Code and Installation Script: Kushal generates organised code, once you are done with the above steps and application will also be built in the specified directory. Along with Generating Source code, you can also create an Installation Script so that you can quickly build setup and deploy them easily.

  • Save Considerable Development and Testing Time.
  • Develop application with small investment: No need of 3rd Party Controls including Reporting Tool.
  • Develop Complete Applications.
  • Create Base Documentation on a Fly.
  • Quickly Adapt to Kushal: Shorter Learning Time,  Good Sample, Complete Documentation, User Friendly Interface.
  • Build Reputation by developing Hassle Free, Quality Output within short time which will call for few support issues.

Save Considerable Development, Documentation and Testing Time:

Since Kushal generates code automatically depending on the configuration you make for each control, you can save considerable development time. Generated application will hardly require testing as code generated has been already tested during Kushal development only.

Develop application with small investment: No need of 3rd Party Controls including Reporting Tool:

Kushal develops code which can be opened with Visual Studio Express edition and also since Kushal has inbuilt ready to use special developed controls and adds great capabilities to grid and controls, there will be hardly any requirement to buy 3rd party control including Reporting Tool. Kushal comes with its own Reporting Tool. You have to just invest on Kushal alone (Kushal is economically priced) if you are developing pure database applications.

Develop Complete Applications:

Since Kushal allows you to generate complete application with Multiple File Management, Backup, Restore, User Management, Work Flow, Daily Tip Capabilities the application developed will be complete in all respect and your initial deployments itself will be complete.

Create Base Documentation on a Fly:

Once you are done with designing forms, configuring controls and relating them to menu, you can create base documents from Kushal for SRS, Design and Help. Since Kushal prepare base documents for most of general documentation requirements of a project, it saves considerable time in documentation also.

Quickly Adapt to Kushal: Shorter Learning Time, Good Samples, Complete Documentation and User Friendly Interface:

Lot of efforts has been put to ensure shorter learning curve for you. There are videos related to most of the features of Kushal, Kushal comes with complete documentation and has a User Friendly Interface with Ribbon Support. That makes you to adapt to Kushal smoother and quicker.

Build Reputation by developing Hassle Free, Quality Output with in short time which will call for few support issues:

Since application developed by Kushal is kind of machine code, there is hardly any chance for issues creeping up. This results in quicker development, faster implementation and fewer support calls from end users. All in all Kushal helps you to build good reputation with shorter product development life cycle.