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Kushal Help : Support - RAD Framework for Desktop and Web App Development

Erachana Line

ERachana believes that the key to success for any product lies not just with the quality of the product alone, but also with the service and support that is provided with it. Also, we consider support to be a boon rather than a bane. Therefore we provide the best help and support ensuing from the product.



Teamviewer Quick Support

Teamviewer Quick Join

For any kind of queries and clarifications regarding the product, kindly contact our customer support at
Mobile: +91-9449599709
Support: +91-9902698589 [Monday - Friday : 10.00 AM - 8.00 PM IST]
Or email us at support@erachana.net, info@erachana.net

TeamViewer - All-In-One Solution for Quick Support and Presentation

To provide you with the best and real-time support, we have introduced desktop based support and presentation using Team Viewer (Desktop Sharing). TeamViewer is simple but very powerful and secure software to provide uninterrupted online support and presentation. Now, getting support and presentation from ERachana is easy and quick.

TeamViewer connects to any PC or server around the world within a matter of seconds. We can remote control your PC as if we were sitting right in front of it. So, we can provide immediate solutions to your queries.

1. How to receive quick support using TeamViewer?

Click the following button on Help Menu in Kushal to download Quick Support TeamViewer.

Just double click and wait till TeamViewer displays the following screen:

TeamViewer Presentation, Quick Support

Provide ID and Password details to ERachana Support Team to solve your query.

NOTE: To display the ID, an internet connection is required. If TeamViewer is not showing the number, then it means that you are not connected to the Internet which makes our support facility is unavailable to you.

2. How to view presentation using TeamViewer?

To view a presentation, please call or send email to ERachana and collect Presenter ID and Password then download presentation TeamViewer.

Please keep ready Presenter's ID and Password provided by ERachana and just double click and wait till TeamViewer displays the following screen:


TeamViewer Quick Join

Enter Presenter's ID and your name in the above screen and click join button to proceed.
TeamViewer Quick Join Password

Now, enter a password in the above screen and wait for the presentation to begin.

We are also equipped to provide an online presentation via Google+ Hangouts, Skype and you can always connect us via Hangout with mayihelp.kushal@gmail.com .