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Kushal Help : Advance Search Form

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Advanced Search Form enables you to create a search form based on an SQL query, unlike standard search forms which rely on a database table name. Advanced search form also identifies text fields and provides options to make text search even more intuitive. Users can provide a list of options or choose values from the drop-down. This form will represent fields which are selected and a respective control will get created based on the data type of the field. Data is displayed in a data grid with buttons which are having predefined actions like List, Report, Export, Clear, Close.

Query Builder

To create Advanced Search Form

Click on the New form button.

Select Advanced Search Form from the drop-down.

Click on Create button.

Advanced Search Query window appears.

You can enter a query in the query window, or you can create a query using Query Builder.

To create a query using Query Builder, Click on Show Query Builder. (link to Query builder)

Create the query and copy – paste the generated query in Query Editor.

Click on OK.

Search Field Selection window appears.

Select the required fields.

Click on OK

If your query is having string data type fields, it will ask you to set the search control type for respective fields. Kushal will also add a special field called _Anywhere along with all the table fields. This field can be used in case you want your end users to search in all the fields of the table.

Types of String Search Controls

  1. Default >> A Default search control will be added where you can use conditions Equal or Like to search data.
  2. DropDown >> A Dropdown will be added as a Search control. By using drop-down values you can search the data with an “ Equal to” condition.
  3. ListBox >> A ListBox will be added as a Search Control. By selecting multiple values in the list box items you can search the data by specifying multiple filters.

Note: For Dropdown and ListBox you need to set Query or a set of Pre-defined Items (collection) as inputs.

Click on Ok.

In Advance Search Form, Kushal takes care of filtering data on given conditions by using search controls and exporting data to excel.

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