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Generally, commercial software solutions are a propriety of the respective companies, and the source code of these software is not accessible to buyers of the software. Feature extensions are manufacturer dependent, and also, reliant on demand and supply. Hence, independent development of necessary enhancements is not possible.

At ERachana, we developed many applications with ease using Technology called Kushal and Baadal. ERachana's mission is to make software development a much economical process. So we are ready to share the source code of most of of our applications at a reasonable cost. Once you purchase the source code, you are free to make individual enhancements or functional extensions based on your application requirements, with your technical team. Either you may use it for inhouse requirements or you can market as products without any royalty to us.

ERachana Software Source Code is highly flexible and open to individual adaptions. If you are keen to explore the source code or interested in making your own functional extensions to the application, independently, or with the help of service providers of your choice, you can buy source code of the software and freely carry out integration, adaption or further improvement. It also gives you an opportunity to experiment with the process and innovate further.

Using our Industry Standard Documentation, Database Design & Application Source Code you can develop your own Product for specific custom needs or workflow automation. Moreover, we have a team of technical experts to assist you should you need guidance.

Our products are developed exclusively with indigenous frameworks Kushal - for desktop applications and Baadal - for web applications, and you are welcome to try the power and capabilities of these rapid application developement tools.

Key Benefits

• Get access to source code of high quality, industry standard software

• Freedom to customize the software to meet your individual needs without any royalty

Why should you buy Source Code of ERachana Software?

• You get tested, and proven, quality software, ready-made and there will be considerable saving on cost and time

• Our Software is used by hundreds of satisfied customers

• Software source code is done professionally and hence very easy to understand

How to Reach Us?

If you are looking for software solutions along with source code which you can improve on, to bring your future plans to life, ERachana has the solution for you. With huge amount of time and resources needed for developing a software from scratch, you can buy ready-made software from ERachana at economical prices, and enhance it in very time and that too with with a leaner team.

Just give us a call or fix an appointment. Let us meet to create a solution that works best for your business. You can send us an email about your requirement at and request a quote. You can also call us at following numbers

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