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Applications for Software Development Companies - Rapidapps

Sl. No. Product Name ERachana Products Description Book a Demo
1 Kushal
Kushal RAD Framework for Developing Desktop Apps in C#
Kushal makes Business Application Development extremely simple. Kushal considers the entire Software life-cycle of a business application while developing Business Applications.
2 Baadal
Baadal RAD Framework for Developing Web Apps in .Net
With Baadal RAD Framework, Developing Business Application is simple. Baadal is a Business Application Development Environment that develops visually appealing, feature-rich Web Applications in ASP.Net(Including Source Code) that are easy to use and ready to deploy.
3 SuRaksha CRM
Suraksha CRM Easy Licensing, Seamless CRM
SuRaksha CRM is a License Management and CRM application to track user registrations, product licenses and Customer Relationship Management Tasks.
4 Easy Test
Easy Test Selenium Based Web Automation Testing Tool
Easy Test is a Simple and intuitive Web Automation Testing tool based on Selenium having almost anything required for testing a website.

Cloud-Based Business Applications

Sl. No. Website ERachana Products Description Book a Demo
1 Office Anywhere
Office Anywhere Office Anywhere
Office Applications that make running your office smarter, faster and smoother. Spend less time on routine office tasks and more on your business productivity.
2 GST Billing
GST Billing GST Billing
Comprehensive billing & invoicing solution that addresses all your billing requirements in GSTN Language.
3 Payroll
Payroll Processing Application Payroll
Intuitive & comprehensive payroll processing application with compliance to Indian statutory Payroll.
4 Petty Cash
Petty Cash Petty Cash
Small accounting application to track petty cash transactions in an organised way.
5 Bulk Email Sender
Bulk Email Sender Bulk Email Sender
A high performance, mass email application that provides an easy means of communication for businesses and email marketing.
6 Leave Manager
Leave Manager Leave Manager
Handy leave management application to track employee leaves and approvals.
7 Cheque Book Manager
Cheque Book Manager Cheque Book Manager
Smart & easy cheque managing application to store details of any bank cheques and print on them easily.
8 Lead Manager
Lead Manager Lead Manager
An application to help your business track and manage leads of prospective customers and optimise the sales process for better results.
9 Bug Tracker
Bug Tracker Track Bugs in an Organised Way
Bug Tracker is a simple and cost-effective bug tracking tool that helps to track bugs in software applications in an organised way.
10 Project Details Manager
Project Details Manager Project Details Manager
An effective project management tool for scheduling & managing projects smartly by tracking project status, resource utilization, and recording expenses.

Business Applications

Sl. No. Product Name ERachana Products Description Book a Demo
1 Payroll
Automates Salary Payment Calculations, Payroll Processing Application Complete Payroll Solution
Payroll is an intuitive payroll processing application that automates salary payment calculations, includes statutory components and generates payslips.
2 Order Raising Software for Purchase Order Management
Order Raising Software for Purchase Order Management Organised Purchase Order Process
Order Raising Software is a centralised Purchase Order Requisition System, which includes Indenting, Vendor Selection, Budget Allocation, Purchase Approval Routing with Email Notifications, User Role Controls, Purchase Requisition and more.
3 GST Billing Software
GST Billing Software Addresses all your billing requirement in GSTN Language
The ERachana GST billing software is a single solution for Preparing Invoices as per GST compliance and managing Party Accounts and preparing GST Returns.

Office Automation Utilities

Sl. No. Product Name ERachana Products Description Book a Demo
1 Petty Cash
Petty Cash Desktop & Web Application Manage Petty Expenses also in an organized way
Petty Cash is a small accounting application to track Petty Cash Transactions, Print Vouchers, and Generate Various Reports.
2 ERachana Technologies, Office Expense Manager SoftwareOffice Expense Manager
Office Expense Manager Manage Office Expenses also in an organized way
Office Expense Manager is an expense tracking and role-based approval routing system consisting of a web and mobile application developed by ERachana Technologies that can be used to effectively handle Financial Transactions in any organization.
3 Cheque Book Manager
ERachana Technologies, Cheque Book Manager Smart & Easy cheque managing solution
Cheque Book Manager is a Smart and Easy Solution designed to store details of Cheques of any Bank and Print on them easily. Just store Bank account details, then select the respective bank account, select payee name, enter cheque details and print cheques. It's that simple!
4 Loan Interest Calculator
Loan Interest Calculator Track Loans with Ease
Loan Interest Calculator helps you to keep track of your Loans and Outstanding Amounts in each Loan by the creation of multiple Interest calculation accounts and calculating Interest Amounts.
5 Leave Manager
Leave Manager software Handy Leave Tracker
Leave Manager is a simple Leave management software for small organizations to track Employee Leaves and Approvals

Applications for Educational Institutes

Sl. No. Product Name ERachana Products Description Book a Demo
1 School Fee Manager
School Fee manager Easy Solution to Track Student Fee
School Fee Manager software makes fee collection seamless and hassle free. It efficiently helps Student Management.
2 School Manager Software
School Manager Software Track Fee Payments Easily
School Manager is a complete School Management solution designed for Schools, Colleges or any similar institutions for managing both Academic and Non-Academic activities.
3 Tutorial Fee Manager
Tutorial Fee Manager Track Fee Payments Easily
Tutorial Fee Management Software is designed for Tutorials, private tuitions centres etc., to track the student information and their respective fees and payments.

Desktop Applications

Sl. No. Product Name ERachana Products Description Book a Demo
1 Bar Inventory Inventory Management Solution for Liquor An Inventory Management Solution for Liquor Shops including Daily Stock Management for all types of liquors and various Stock Reports.
2 Library Manager Software Library manager software Library Management Solution for Libraries and includes Book Registration, Member Registration and Book Transactions.
3 Dhruval - Furniture chair manufacturing company ERP Application for Furniture Industries

Open Source

Sl. No. Product Name ERachana Products Description Know More
1 Buy Source code Buy Source code Buy Source code & Documentation of Business Applications