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Mobile application development

With the evolution of smart phones, more and more people prefer mobile apps over websites. We can help you enhance your customer relations by developing tailor made mobile apps. Our latest app is a GST quick reference, helping business understand GST regime better. Developed in just 4 days, this app acts as a testimony of our command over mobile application development.

What are the Mobile Application Development Services offered by ERachana?

We develop Applications using a Technology called Xamarin using which can develop native applications for Android, IOS and Windows Smart Phones.

What is the advantage of Mobile Application?

Mobile Applications can seamlessly connect and interact with users, making it a valuable tool for the modern business. Mobile Apps reduce costs of SMS messages, Emails and newsletters. They simplify communication securely, instantly and directly among the users. The best advantage of mobile application is that user can see the information he wants instantly.

On What Mobile Operating System, I should get my application Developed?

Mobile Apps

If you look at the Mobile User Base it is clear that only Android and IOS are in competition. Android is the preferred choice if you are going to use the application only among your team. If you are planning to share the application among your customers, then you should consider developing applications in IOS also.

What is the difference between Native Mobile App and Hybrid Mobile App?

Native mobile apps

Native app is one which is developed to work on a particular mobile operating system using specific mobile application development platform. For example, a mobile application developed using Android Studio works only on Android devices. Similarly, an application developed using Xcode works on IOS.

The principal advantage of a native app is it works faster in comparison to hybrid mobile apps as they are specifically designed for a given target operating system.

Hybrid mobile apps

HTML5 is an application development platform which is designed to run the applications using a web browser. As all the devices will have inbuilt web browser, if an application is developed using HTML 5, then it runs on any mobile device.

HTML5 was released in 2012, many people thought that it is going to be the future of mobile application development. Many leading companies like Facebook, Linked IN jumped and developed solutions using HTML5. But it did not last long. Since Hybrid apps are not as fast as Native apps, these companies choose to develop native apps.

KG Habit - Mobile Application developed by ERachana Technologies

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