Create Student Records in Student Master

Create Student Records in Student Master

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Create Student Records in Student Master

School Manager provides you a very easy and convenient way to store student records during Student Admission.

Enter Student Information

Student information can be entered in Student Entry in Student Menu.

School Manager, Easy and Convenient way to Store Student Records

Select Academic year, Class, Section and Class Type. Enter Roll number, Aadhar No., Admission No., and Student Name and select Gender.

Enter Join Date.

If the student is still studying in the school, check the Is Active check box. Otherwise, if the student has left the school, enter Left Date.

Academic Details & other Details Entry in School Manager

Enter other details like Birth Date and Age. Select Blood Group, Birth Taluka, District and Place. Enter Mother tongue. Select Religion, Caste, Category, Reservation and Staying with.

Select Physically Disabled status and if the student has a disability, enter the details in Remarks. Enter Previous Class, Previous school and Previous TC No.

When TC is issued, update the TC No.

If the student has any extra activities in his credit, you can enter the details in Extra Activity field.

Save Student Details in School Manager Software

You can attach a picture of the student by clicking Browse and selecting the image file.

Click Save to save student details.

Enter Student Contact Information

Enter Student Contact Information

Click Contact Details Tab to add student Addresses. Enter Local Address, select Place, Area and PIN code. If the Permanent address is same, check Same checkbox.

If student avails school transport, then check Transport check box and select Area. Enter Landmark . Click Save.

Student Parent or Guardian Information

Enter Student Parent/Guardian Information

To enter Student Parent or guardian information, click Parent Details button.

Search for Student Information

Enter details of Parent or Guardian like Name, Address, Phone numbers, Email Ids etc. Select Place and click Save.

Search Criteria, School Manager Software

To search for student information, click Search button.

Filtered Student List

Enter search criteria and click List.

Print Student Admission Form

The filtered student list will be available in the grid. You can export these details to excel file by clicking Export Button.

Print Student Registration Form

To print student Admission Form, Select the student name in the grid and click Print button.

Student Registration Form

The Student Registration form will be printed as shown.

Print Student Registration Form in School Fee Manager