School Management Software | Manage Student Fee Payments

School Management Software | Manage Student Fee Payments

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You can update student Fee Payment records in School Manager in the Fee Receipt Module.

First, you need to enter Student Fee. Then you can generate Fee Payment Receipts. You can also track outstanding Fees.

Enter Student Fee

To add Student Fee, Click Fee Entry in Fee Receipt Menu.

Fee Entry Details, Generate Fee Payment Receipts

Select the Academic Year for which Fee should be paid. Enter Fee Date and Select Student Name and Fee By. Click Save.

Add multiple fees in school manager software

To Add Fee Details for the selected Student, click Add. Select Fee Type and the Amount to be paid is shown. Enter Remarks if any and click Update. You can Add multiple fees by clicking Add.

Add Multiple Fees, Generate Fee Payment Receipts

Click Save to save the Fee.

Generate Fee Payment Receipts

You can Generate Fee Payment Receipts in Receipt Entry. To enter Fee Payment Receipts, click Receipt Entry in Fee Receipt Menu.

Receipt Entry, Generate Fee Payment Receipts, Add multiple fees in School Manager Software

In the Window that opens, Enter the Receipt Date. Select Student Name and Receipt By.

Raised Fee Voucher in School Manager Software

To add already raised Fee Voucher, click Add button. In the window that opens, check the checkbox against the fee to be paid and click Add.

Track Outstanding Fees in school manager software

The Fee gets added to the Fee details grid. In the Paying Amount column, enter the Amount that is Paid, select the Payment Mode and click Save.

Fee Outstanding, Fee Receipts in school manager software

Track Outstanding Fees

You can track outstanding fees in Fee Outstanding in Fee Receipts Menu.

Track Outstanding Fees, School Management Software | Manage Student Fee Payments

Select the Student Name or Fee type, orFee date or any other search criteria and click List.

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You can see the search results in the grid.

You can also export these details to excel file by clicking Export Button.

Track Outstanding Fees

Fee Outstanding in School Management Software